Our Services

Air Freight Shipments Ex- All India

When you have an experienced team of Air Freight specialists delivering on your daily priorities for time, space, frequency and cost, you have Skyline’s brand of Personal Service. We listen, learn and form a close partnership with you to identify your needs and understand your goals. Our standard Air Freight products and their customizable options bring added flexibility to your supply chain. Whether we’re taking extra measures for your sensitive cargo or giving you added supply chain visibility through our online tracking tools, SKYLINE LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS PVT LTD Air Freight experts are looking to build your trust as they look after your cargo.

Ocean Freight (to be included in the air freight Page itself)

When you have Ocean Freight professionals matching frequent sailings and flexible service options to your specific business objectives, you have Skyline’s brand of Personal Service. Our freight management experts partner with you to learn your business first-hand. Equipped with an intimate understanding of your supply chain requirements, we pull from a range of standard Ocean Freight products and supplementary options to secure the space allocation, timing, frequency and rates that fit your precise objectives. Whether we need to reserve an oversize container or securely transport your high-value cargo, Skyline Ocean Freight specialists treat each shipment with the care and attention it takes to earn your trust.

Sea Freight Shipments-LCL & FCL CONTAINERS

When you have a skilled freight management partner combining traditional modes of transport in order to offer a timely and cost-effective shipping alternative, you have Skyline brand of Personal Service. We work closely with your business experts to get a thorough understanding of your supply chain requirements. By aligning our flexible Sea/Air Freight product with your precise needs for time, space, frequency and cost, we implement solutions that deliver meaningful results.

Our establishment offers reliable solution for the placement of result oriented NVOCC Operator. NVOCC (Non vessel owner common carrier) is a term commonly used to denote sea freight forwarding services without operating their own vessels. We sign a contract with Shipping Lines that guarantee shipment of a certain number of units each year and further the Shipping Lines provides service at best freights. We are dominant amongst trustworthy NVOCC Operator providers based in India. We proffer zealous global NVOCC operator at reasonable price.

Why us?

  • Providing effective solutions
  • Dedicated and experience team of professionals
  • Have partners in USA that are fully bonded and FMC registered
  • Delivery at stipulated timeframe
  • Offering competitive and cost-efficient solutions

Import Customs Clearance at all India

Every commodity is different – and so is every market. Rules, regulations, duties and taxes change all the time. Trust SKYLINE to have some guidance, wherever your imports are coming from.

We make the entire import experience straightforward.

When your shipment has special clearance needs, we also offer a comprehensive range of value-added solutions. These services are tailor-made to account for the additional processing that may be required by a local regulatory agency – or to support you or your importer if you’re requesting special processing executive.

Import Consignments Customs Clearance Services:

Prior Documentation- As soon as the advance set of documents received, the documentation process starts with respect to classification of items for the best possible benefit to the Customer with reference to various Custom Notifications/exemptions etc, are being examined by a team of Experts. The pro-anticipation of problems by our Experts enable our Customers not only avoid the delay in clearance but also avoid heavy demurrage, detention charges etc., which account for huge financial loss.

Pre-alert Message- After necessary formalities are completed, the Customer is informed about the "Custom Duty" (if any) and other statutory payments. The Customer can plan disbursement of goods and logistics, even before the shipment arrival at Godown/Factory.

Documentation for Imports

The following documents are necessary to clearance of Imported goods in India

  • Invoice in Original
  • Packing list Original

Bill of Lading/AWB Original endorsed by the Importer & Bank (if any)

  • Insurance Certificate / Cover note
  • Purchase Order & Letter of Credit (if any)
  • Price List/Sale Contract
  • Import License (if the Item requires License)
  • Write-up/Literature (if it is Chemical Item) & Catalogue
  • Clearance Time- We understand the gravity of the "Transit Time for clearance" and hence we put our best efforts to clear any given shipments at the earliest possible time. We count on Microseconds than Days. We normally clear within two/three clear working days for both Import & Export after receipt of all the documents.

Export Consignments Customs Clearance Services:

Cargo pick up- The freight forwarding cycle begins with cargo pick up from the Vendor's factory. The cargo is then transported to warehouse near the port of loading by Train, air or truck, depending on factors like volume of cargo and shipping deadlines. The Local State and Central Octroi/Government formalities like and others are adequately covered.

Pre-alert Message- After necessary formalities are completed at customs & port and the container is loaded on the vessel, we send a message along with the necessary shipping documents.

Documentation for Export- The following documents are mandatory to plan successful shipment of goods from India to overseas buyers:

  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • GF/SDF form duly signed by Exporter
  • Copy of the Letter of Credit
  • Purchase Order
  • Agency Certification (if req.)
  • Export Customs Clearance

The company has handled diverse nature of cargoes as listed below:

  • Machinery and Spare parts.
  • Engineering Goods.
  • Textiles and Garments.
  • Perishable Cargo - Foodstuff, Flowers etc.
  • Components and RO Filtering Systems for Water Treatment.
  • Hazardous Cargo - Gas, Chemicals, Aromatics, Ammunition etc.
  • Project Cargo.
  • Petroleum Products.
  • Tele-Communication equipments, Cellular and Satellite equipments.
  • Processed Foods.
  • Metals, Iron, Steel, Aluminum and Copper Products.
  • Packaging Materials.
  • Handicrafts.
  • Furniture.
  • Electronic Items.
  • Electrical Items.
  • Industrial Raw Materials.

Why us?

  • Our Custom House Agents are well versed with updated customs regulations and procedures
  • Backed by experience of over 20 years
  • We can handle clearance of Import / Export shipments with ease and efficiency
  • Provide effective advice to the clients
  • Help the clients in preparation of final Import / Export related documents, completion of appraisement, examination formalities and payments.

Undertake Customs Clearance From All The Major Ports Such As

  • JNPT (Mumbai)
  • Kolkata
  • Kandla
  • Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Delhi ICD
  • Varanasi ICD
  • Panipat ICD,
  • Jaipur ICD

Storage Facilities for Export Import Cargo: Warehousing

We offer secure storage & warehousing facilities at strategic locations throughout the country and airports / seaports. Many of our customers choose to have our warehouse, which allows easy access to process orders and distribute products quickly and cost effectively. Well maintained fleet of trucks with cargo carrying capacities ensure timely pick-ups and deliveries.

Our network of warehouses located in the close proximity to the International Airports, are well laid out, staffed by experienced personnel, and supported by the latest inventory management, security, and specialized storage systems. They are specially designed for handling a large volume of international freight and are open round-the-clock.

The warehouses are clean, temperature controlled and have flexible hours. We also provide insurance coverage to your products as a backup measure against unexpected damage. We provide you the facility of unpacking and repacking you products to facilitate distribution.

Custom Brokers

Our emphasis from the very beginning has been on quality. Providing our customers with a world class quality standard, has been the hallmark of our success. Our services are subject to an internal inquiry to detect short coming & avoid repetition in future. The analysis ensures 100% perfection in our services. Our quality standards have been emulated by our competitors, enhancing the industry's standard.

We are committed to the TQM (Total Quality Management) theory. We have a huge pool of professionals who are not just experienced in logistics management but also individually dedicated to speedy execution of assignment. The speedy execution is also facilitated by decentralization of power & responsibility at every level in our company.

Warehousing and Distribution

Skyline’s logistics experts combine warehousing and distribution, advanced systems and technology, as well as Value Added Services to customize your supply chain to meet your precise goals and requirements. Our dedicated teams select and apply the exact resources you need to improve your business’s performance and provide flexibility for a dynamic marketplace.

As the heart and driving force of our successful supply chain solutions, Skyline’s warehousing and distribution capabilities include full-service management. Backed by Road, Air, Sea and Sea/Air freight forwarding products, advanced technology and strategic facilities, our experts have the resources to put their plans into action. From consulting to overseeing delivery, Skyline does not rest until your products reach your customers’ hands.

Express Services – Courier shipments

Skyline Logistic Solutions Pvt ltd offers Express delivery services for customers who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs and minimize the risk of loss or product damage, while focusing on core business.

By leveraging the breadth and reliability of the global network, Skyline Logistic Solutions Pvt Ltd can remove days from your supply chain, delivering goods from overseas directly to your desired destination. Your shipments can clear customs while still in the air enabling delivery by the end of the next possible business day, saving you time and money.

Multimodal Transport

The Cargo Industry is still an expanding market. The need for a comprehensive logistics systems in transportation, communications and information sector, continues to grow. Freight forwarding services alone are no longer sufficient, special deals are to be initiated on regular intervals to lure the customers to maintain them on permanent status, especially to cater to the increasing needs of seasonal vendors.

This is with the object to provide most economical, smooth, reliable and speedy carriage of shipments to various destinations on selected mode of transport which must not only ensure hassle-free service but should render sizable savings in the freight expenses. This vital information of costing must arrive to the shipper well in advance to make proper planning in co-ordination with logistic company.

This is essential in order to ascertain reliable and timely transportation scheduling and delivery throughout the logistic-chain, from the shipper to the consignee.

The cargo market demands a global solution and network linking all four modes of transportation i.e. (a) Air (b) Road (c) Rail & (d)Sea. Multimodal Transport can be viewed as "the chain that interconnects different links or modes of transport - air, sea, and land into one complete process that ensures an efficient and cost-effective door-to-door movement of goods under the responsibility of a single transport operator. A worldwide network linking airlines, roadways, railways and shipping lines in one chain with a motive of better quality of service to customers with the most economical costing and dependable schedule is the motive of Skyline Logistic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Skyline Logistics has branches and long-lasting relations all over the world. This gives possibility to make multimodal transportations promptly, that ultimately influences positively the quality of work to be done as well as the expenses of the customer.

Project Cargo

We offer sophisticated packing services to customers. Packing of all small and large products, etc. is done with care, professionalism and quality packing materials.

We provide all types of material handling services, including, but not limited to

  • Warehousing for all products.
  • Cross Dock Operations
  • Pick and Pack Services
  • Temporary Storage Services
  • Inventory Control Services
  • Storage – Short and long-term
  • EDI
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Handling of Bulk inventory
  • Repack
  • Stuffing & De-Stuffing.


When you have a trusted Road Freight partner who knows as much about your business goals as transportation issues in your region, you have Skyline’s brand of Personal Service. Through clear communication, thoughtful collaboration and dedicated follow-through, our Road Freight management teams seek to understand your objectives and create solutions that deliver. We combine simple, standardized Road Freight products with a host of customizable options to achieve the ideal balance of lead-time, capacity, frequency and cost. Whether it means providing same day delivery or hauling hazardous cargo, Skyline’s freight specialists know the key to a successful supply chain is a committed relationship with our customer.

We are one of the leading Transport Service providers based in India. We have our own vehicles for transporting goods with utmost care. Moreover, we have good association with experienced transport companies that help us to reach the clients in every corner of the world. SkyLINl Logistic Solutions (P) Ltd offer time tested global transportation services at reasonable price.

Why our Service?

  • We have our own fleet of vehicles for local delivery of goods
  • Association with experienced transport company
  • We also offer containerized deliveries
  • Experienced and trained drivers